I am probably the world’s cheapest small business owner and a total minimalist when it comes to paid apps and online business tools. Starting your own business often comes with having a very low budget for marketing or any seemingly fancy subscriptions and online tools – even if they could make your life soo much easier and safe you tons of time. I know that feeling all too well so I want you to really think about the scheduling tools, banking apps and other paid online business tools you invest in.

You might find your own favourite online marketing tools and there is a lot of good free stuff out there, but here are the 5 PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS that I USE on a daily basis:

TRANSFERWISE – genius online banking program with near to no transaction fees + free sign up!

TAILWIND – The only efficient Social Media scheduling tool for scheduling Pinterest Pins!

NORDPASS – Forget about forgetting your passwords at 50% OFF!
?https://nordpass.com/nellie (promo code: nellie)

EPIDEMIC SOUND – get your free monthly trial to get a feel for the music

HOSTPRESTO – Super reliable website hosting with 24 hour support

VidIQ (free) – The best YouTube Keyword Research Tool!!

Yes, I am an Affiliate for all of these online tools, some I paid for, some I got for free. However I would have recommended ANY of them if I didn’t think they could be of value to you. Hope you like them 🙂 #onlinebusinesstools #onlinemarketingtools

Was I talking too fast? Read the full blogpost about my favourite online business tools (in German!):