These days, it is very possible to start a business with little or no money. Here are five of the best businesses you can start in 2020 with no money to get started. Many years ago, it would cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to start a business. Now, you can start without spending money.

1. Facebook Ad Agency

In my opinion, the best business you can start with no money right now is a Facebook Ad Agency. You would be helping small businesses with running ads on social media and earning money in the process. If you were able to get just 8 clients paying you $1,000 a month, that is over $100,000 per year!

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2. Airbnb Host

Got a spare room or extra space you aren’t using? Well guess what, you could be making money by hosting that space on Airbnb. I tried this out for a month, and I ended up making around $1,000 renting my spare room.

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3. Freelancer

Are you skilled when it comes to programming, graphic design or anything else? Why not post your services on a freelancing website! The internet allows you to work with and work for anyone as a freelancer. Two popular sites for this are Fiverr and UpWork.

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4. Content Creator

Creating content online is another great business you can start with no money. This is something I accomplish here on YouTube and over on my blog. Each piece of content could potentially earn you a few dollars per day, so over time this adds up to a lot!

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5. Reselling

This is one of the O.G. online businesses. Basically, you go around to garage sales and thrift shops looking for things to sell online. Once you find a few items, you list them on eBay. Then, you can reinvest the profits into more flips!

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