23 things to know before starting your online business ǀ Tips from a fashion entrepreneur

23 things wish I’d known before starting my online business: from marketing & sales to funding & e-commerce websites…
I hope you will find this video useful if you are already an entrepreneur… or if you wish to start a business 😉

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What I think Shopify is good at:
– allows to either start from scratch or to import existing products from another platform you were using before
– you can add text, photos and videos on the product pages
– allows tabs for shipping info / size table / materials (…) on each product page
– optimized for both desktop and mobile
– good in Search Engine Optimization
– directly print shipping labels – or connect to a fulfilment centre when you start receiving more orders
– make Instagram and Facebook shoppable
– add apps to your existing template when you need to add features
– extensive help pages + chat if you need help

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