Why I Decided That KDP Was a Great Online Business Model and Why It Can Work For You Too!

Why I Decided That KDP Was a Great Business Model and Why I Can Work From Anywhere.

In this episode, I discuss the reasons why KDP and the Self-Publishing business model has been the ideal platform for me. From developing a passive income, working remotely and creating a business that has endless potential. Just be prepared though for a bumpy ride as you walk with me through the beautiful rainforest in Australia.

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🛠Tools and Resources I use.

Publisher Rocket: https://bit.ly/3iLkWuT
Book Bolt (Use code ‘selfpublisherdiscount’ to get 20% OFF): https://bit.ly/3zu7CAm
Pubby: (Get 20% OFF) https://pubby.co/?invite=4042
Adobe: https://bit.ly/3xeuUZq (Discounts vary depending on month of application)
Canva Pro: https://bit.ly/3h4cCVb
KDSpy: https://bit.ly/3cxJMdM (up to 10% discount on subscription)
Amazon Ads Unleashed (Book I recommend) by Robert J Ryan: https://amzn.to/3mlnlOw
Alli (Alliance of Independent Authors): https://bit.ly/2V4stv1 (Get 5 Free Uploads per month to IngramSpark)

On this channel, I provide a wealth of information for new and experienced self-publishers on platforms like KDP and IngramSpark to Create, Build and Scale your Self-Publishing business. I want to provide you with valuable and free content to accelerate your Self-Publishing business and generate a passive income that can become your main and long-term source of income, all from your home office. Check out my 7 Tips to Scale Your KDP Publishing here: https://bit.ly/38uBHUE

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