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There are a lot of flippa scams out there.
This is the Ultimate “How to buy a website on flippa tutorial”.
I will show you how to earn money from flippa and give you a step by step flippa buying guide.

Flippa is a great resource for finding and buying online. If you’re looking to start or grow your online business, then using Flippa is a must.

Flippa is a marketplace where you can buy, sell and rent online properties. You can search for properties by keyword, location or category.

You can also use Flippa to find new online businesses for sale. If you’re looking to start a new business, then using Flippa is a great way to find potential customers.

Buying your first online business can be scary. To lower the chances of getting scammed, I will show you the things I look out for before buying a business and then I will show you how find a business that you can buy to make you some passive income.

There are multiple things you need to check when buying a business: First you want to understand what kind of business it is, (i.e. what type of store is it, how does the website look like, targeted demographic etcetera .)
From that you need to make an estimation how legitimate this listing looks.
Check for the SEO ranking, Traffic of the website, marketing, competition, workload, and lastly financials.

If you are interested in me explaining how I do each one of the above mentioned diligence, let me know in the comments and I will make a separate video about that.

In this video, I will show you how I search for a website, and then how I analyze the company.

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Bonus Tip:
Here is a bonus checklist I use when looking at a company’s financials:
What is the listing price of the website?
What is the average monthly income, expenses, and net profit over 12 months?
Does the seller have any way of bringing income into the business outside of the website? ​(For example through their own personal branding, network or affiliation with any one or any other business/company that you didn’t know about, and if so what is that?) ​Make sure you ASK the seller this​.
What multiple (how many months average net profit) are they asking for and in your opinion is the business worth that after doing your own due diligence?
And lastly, How can i verify that the numbers I have are accurate. I usually message to seller to share their analytics platforms or show me their numbers over a life zoom call.

Question to the reader? Let me know in the comments.

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