Step-by-step playbook for exactly what I’d do to build a $100k/mo marketing agency/smma/b2b business with just $500 of starting capital.

If you don’t know who I am, we have a high 7 figure consulting & recruitment agency with 31 team members. We’ve worked with over 600 clients and actively have over 350.

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If you want to build a successful online business, the first step in the process is developing a skill. In the particular case, we’re going to use Google Ads as an example skill.

You will be selling Google Ads as a service to Ecommerce & SaaS businesses.

So your first step is to watch 30-80 hours of free tutorial youtube content to answer every single conceivable question you could ever have. Once you know how to do everything, you’re going to make your own tutorial videos on youtube. You are not claiming you’re an expert, you’re just showing other people how to do it. In all of these videos you will be plugging a call to action that points people towards your website.

You will build this website on Carrd. You will also make a long explainer video on this website showing exactly what you do for potential prospects. Embed a calendly link on this page to get calls scheduled.

They way you will get clients is via a Dream 100 strategy (I believe this was coined by Russell Brunson). You will be manually outreaching to prospects who are already running ads on Instagram or Facebook.

You will be offering your prospecting 100% performance based Google ads. This is because you don’t have case studies and until you have those, it’s risky to work with you.

It will take you roughly 3 months to do. You should get 2-3 clients within this time frame.

As you’re getting your clients results, you will be creating more YouTube videos about how you’re getting results for these clients.

After you have case studies, you will be executing mass cold email by getting your leads from / and sending those emails with (affiliate link)

After this, you’re launching your own ads. You are doing retargeting ads targeting everybody who has ever watch your youtube videos or been to your website, ever.

At this point, you should have around 8 clients. Once you hit this level, you will be making an entry level info product. You are going to absolutely turbo ram this with YouTube ads.

You’re going to run an email list. Use ConvertKit for the email list.

Then you’re going to make a Skool group. This is Sam Ovens’ software. This is an affiliate link for Skool:

At these levels, you need to be hiring people. You need to actually train these people. Nobody who is actually good charges $4/hr. So you have to treat these people as if they’re a consulting client to make them good.

00:00:00 – Starting an Offer from Scratch
00:05:57 – Outbound Strategy
00:12:18 – Cold Email Outreach
00:18:20 – Scaling and Workload
00:24:00 – Good and Bad Clients
00:29:25 – Hard Work and Sacrifice in Success
00:34:54 – Value and Proof
00:40:40 – Content
00:46:34 – Handling Negative Comments
00:52:04 – Next Steps

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