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Epic Gardening has grown into one of the top gardening blogs in the world, with an average revenue of $7.5 million per year. Find out how to start an online business that scales to 7 figures in this interview.

Kevin Espiritu tried a lot of different businesses before he settled on his gardening blog, from playing online poker to web design to a media startup. He came to Epic Gardening as a way to make money from his passion while helping people at the same time, and it proved to be, not just the best online business for his life and interests, but a break-out hit with his viewers.

While it’s a massive venture now, Epic Gardening started off small. Kevin’s budget to initially launch the blog was less than $100, and he’ll share how he spent that budget to start his online business from home. He used social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram to build an audience for free, and you’ll hear his tips for how to leverage this kind of free marketing to grow an online business brand.

Even for someone with experience as an entrepreneur, starting an online business isn’t easy. Kevin will talk through some of the mistakes he made early on and what he learned from them to keep Epic Gardening growing. He’ll also explain how he grew from a blog to a podcast and YouTube channel and expanded into eCommerce to grow Epic Gardening into what it is today.

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00:00 – START
00:46 – Meeting Kevin
02:11 – Startup costs
02:46 – Side hustle to full-time
04:27 – Early businesses
05:26 – Benefits of a 9-5
06:36 – Expanding the blog
07:32 – Fan blitz
09:50 – Investment funding
11:56 – Early podcast and YouTube
13:43 – Managing content
15:05 – Business partner
16:15 – Adding eCommerce
18:00 – Time management
19:22 – The Epic Gardening team
20:04 – Building eCommerce
21:42 – Seed catalog
22:19 – Sales with $0 ads
23:28 – Paid advertising
24:47 – Smartest business move
25:52 – Why hire
27:13 – Business books
28:38 – Goal setting
30:31 – Revenue and goals

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